Abseiling and Climbing

Outdoors on a crag or inside on a climbing wall, there are plenty of opportunities for the non-disabled and for people with health conditions or impairments. If required, there is a range of specialist equipment available which can assist, including hoists and harnesses which can be used with mobility aids and ramps to assist wheelchair users.

A hard climb provides a sensation of isolation and independence. However, you are not alone and an experienced and qualified instructor is always available to lend a hand; quite literally, sometimes. As you accomplish and overcome, the real world disappears and the cares of everyday life fade. You are left to deal with the most simple of emotions and the most basic of needs. Climbing can also be a vessel for discovering the world.

From rope climbs to bouldering, the rocky tors of Dartmoor and dramatic cliff faces - climbing provides an incredible sense of accomplishment through team-work, an overriding desire to succeed - reaching new heights and discovering new abilities.



Explore the range of outdoor activities which are based firmly on the ground. Intimate forest trails dappled in sunlight, the starkness of open moorland, mottled with grey; the richness of colours in a wooded valley on a cool autumn day and green rolling hillsides, saturated in vivid light.



Experience the thrill of catching your first wave as the surf rolls in across a sandy shore. The excitement of exploring by kayak or traversing the coast by swimming, climbing and jumping from the rocks.  Sea, river or lake, water provides a fantastic opportunity to discover the adventurer within.