Support for adults

We believe in your ability to take part and we actively encourage people to spend time in the outdoors and participate in adventure pursuits.

Through our referral scheme, we work with you to discover the activities which will be of the most benefit and the most suitable, in relation to your condition.

We only work with qualified and experienced providers, who can support you on your adventure and be there to teach, guide and assist when required. Whether you dream of surfing your first wave or aspire to abseil down a rockface, we are there to help you find your way.

Adventure Therapy may meet all or part of the cost of your activity, arranging it directly through one of our registered providers or by funding an activity and working with a new provider, in your location - provided they meet our criteria of associated companies.

We may also fund specialist equipment which enables participation. In particular, accessibility to the great outdoors can be a real issue for people with physical disabilities - meaning it may not seem so great, after all. Perhaps you want to experience your own adventure and mobility in such an environment prohibits such things - or spending time with your family proves difficult, because joining them at the beach, on a forest trail or on a cycle ride has always been a barrier to taking part in outdoor activities.

We aim to make things as straightforward as possible and alleviate concerns and frustrations - helping you to discover the outdoors and with the right guidance and equipment to make it possible.