We understand that it can be difficult and distressing, when a family member is unable to join in and take part in outdoor activities. A child who is prevented in playing with brothers and sisters or interacting with mum and dad, because their condition makes mobility difficult in the varied terrain of a woodland walk or spending time on a sandy shore.  A parent who finds it impossible to cycle with their child or their disability prevents them from spending time in the sea, creating precious memories with their family. 

At Adventure Therapy, our mission is to make the outdoors accessible for children and adults with disabilities, life-limiting illnesses or life-changing conditions, who have found it difficult, if not impossible, in the past. We can do this in several ways:

We may be in a position to fund or loan specialist outdoor equipment which enables or assists with access. This could, for example, include an all-terrain tramper wheelchair which can be used on footpaths and trails which are impossible to traverse with a traditionally wheeled-chair. An adapted cycle or bespoke trike which enables stability and security, for those affected by balance or is powered by a users arm movements, rather than by pedal strokes. For people who are unable to hike across the moors, a Land Rover safari or specialist equipment for horse riding.

On referral, to fund adventure led-pursuits for children and adults with disabilities, life-limiting illnesses or life-changing conditions with an experienced and qualified associated activity centre or instructor.

If you or your child uses a hospice or other facility which is not in a position to be able to offer adventure-led activities and it could be beneficial to your or your child's condition, we can arrange activities either on an individual basis or by developing a program of adventure therapy directly with the organisation which supports you.

As time moves on and studies continue, there is a clearer understanding that the outdoors provides therapeutic benefits that cannot be replicated indoors or in a suburban environment. The benefits of spending time in the elements, in the countryside or by the sea are proven and not just by our service users, but by all who experience the outdoors - surf, kayak, bike or hike - a opportunity to escape a hectic lifestyle and a world of traffic, computers, mobile phones and industrial noise and surround yourself with natures energy, in wide open spaces.

If you feel Adventure Therapy could be of benefit to you and your family, please get in touch or complete our referral form.