For younger children, we encourage time spent as a family, building treasured memories in the outdoors and traveling that journey together, with parents and siblings. Activities which are new and exciting, unique - and importantly, fun.

For older children we offer the same opportunities, but also look to explore that adventurous spirit, with parents or carers - and qualified and experienced activity providers - to ensure the right equipment is in place to assist along the way.

Through our referral scheme, we work with children and families to discover the activities which will be of the most benefit and the most suitable, in relation to a child's condition.

We believe in the ability to take part and we actively encourage young people to spend time in the outdoors and participate in adventure pursuits.

Our organisation only works with qualified and experienced providers, who can support your children on their adventure and be there to teach, guide and assist when required. Whether that's spending time in the sea and surfing a wave with siblings, kayaking across a lake or cycling along a forest trail with mum and dad.

If appropriate, we may meet the cost of an activity for the whole family, arranging it directly through one of our registered providers or by funding an activity and working with a new provider, in your location - provided they meet our criteria of associated companies.

If it is beneficial to your child, we may also be able to assist with the provision of specialist equipment which enables them to spend time with family in the outdoors - for example, a bespoke wheelchair which provides access to the beach, so your family can join in and share the experience or a recumbent cycle, which means your child can enjoy the fun and excitement of cycling together. The simplest of activities which, whilst straightforward for some, can seem like an impossible task without the correct equipment in place, for others.

As a charity, we aim to make things as easy as possible and alleviate concerns and frustrations - helping you and your children to discover the outdoors and the therapeutic benefits it can bring, with the right guidance and gear to make it possible.