Adventure Therapy organises outdoor and adventure-led activities for children and adults with unique health conditions, impairments or limitations. Conditions may include (but are not limited to) physical disability, mental health conditions, learning disability, life-limiting illness or life changing conditions.

Depending on circumstances and resources, funding of our activities may also extend to the parents, siblings and carers of the person who directly benefits from our support.

There are no limitations on age, provided a persons' GP, hospital or specialist confirms that our activities may be beneficial and that the individual would be in a position to take part based on their age and any limitations due to their condition. It is also vital that our associated activity provider is comfortable and satisfied that it is safe for the individual to do so.

Whilst our preference is professional referrals, you may self-refer if you are aged 18 or over or if you are the parent/guardian of a child or vulnerable adult.

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Personal Referrals

We accept self-referrals or from a parent or guardian. To refer to our services personally, for your child or other person you have legal responsibility for (such as a vulnerable adult), please use this link.

Professional Referrals

As part of social prescribing we actively encourage referrals from professionals, including GP Practices and Social Services. We also collaborate with other charities, schools, colleges and community organisations whose service users, students or clients may benefit from Adventure Therapy and the emotive experiences we provide.