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We provide outdoor and adventure-led activities for children, young people and adults with unique health conditions, impairments or limitations. This means we support people with mental health conditions, learning disability or difficulty, physical disability, life-threatening or life-shortening illnesses and life-changing conditions. We make a positive difference in challenging and complex lives.  

The person referred to us is at the centre of everything we do and if it is beneficial to their wellbeing, our activities may extend to the siblings of the person referred, too.

We work with professionals who refer to us - the NHS, Social Services, schools and colleges, other charities and community organisations or healthcare businesses. 

However, you can submit a private referral if you are aged 18 or over or if you are the parent or legal guardian of a child or vulnerable adult. For private referrals, we reserve the right to confirm with a persons' GP, hospital or specialist, that our activities would be beneficial and the individual referred would be in a position to take part, based on their age and any limitations due to their health condition.

In all cases, it is also vital that our instructor is comfortable and satisfied that it is safe and practical for the individual to participate in our sessions.

Our charity supports children aged 8+, young people and adults in Devon and Somerset (predominantly Taunton Deane and surrounding communities) and we are also able to offer a limited number of activities in Cornwall.

Complete a referral and start a new adventure, below.

Professional Referrals

If you are a registered Professional Referral Partner you can make a referral here

If your organisation is not registered with Adventure Therapy please email and we can answer any questions you may have and send you our Service Level Agreement. It is straightforward and there is no cost to register with our charity.  

We receive referrals from the NHS and Social Services. We also collaborate with schools and colleges, community organisations, healthcare businesses and other charities whose service users may benefit from Adventure Therapy and the emotive experiences we provide.

Personal Referrals

We accept self-referrals or for children, young people and vulnerable adults, from a parent or guardian. However, we would encourage you to arrange a professional referral as this means there will be no cost to you for our activities.

Examples of a professional referrer are your GP or other health specialist, social worker, a school or college, community organisation or other charity.  You can ask them to refer to us or we can contact them on your behalf.

To continue to make a private referral for yourself or a child or other person you have legal responsibility for, please click here.