COVID-19 Appeal: Supporting the NHS and Police

We are asking for your support for a very special and unique mission: to improve the emotional wellbeing of NHS and Police frontline workers, following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The emotional strain and turmoil in supporting the communities they serve - the doctors, nurses, specialists and frontline Police - who have been there 24 hours a day, working tirelessly to do whatever they can, for us.

We will get through this as a nation and our charity, with your help, will be there when we move forward, to provide free outdoor activities for NHS and Police frontline workers. These can be as 1:1 sessions or as part of a group, which can also improve morale amongst colleagues following the trauma they have faced together, to save lives.

You can help us to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing - whilst saying thank you to the NHS and Police, for all they have done to support you and your community.

If you would like to donate to our special appeal please visit - thank you for your kindness and support through this time of uncertainty.

Making Life Great Outdoors™

As a registered charity, Adventure Therapy exists to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of children and adults with unique health conditions, impairments or limitations through free outdoor and adventure-led activities.

Health conditions include (but are not limited to) mental health conditions, physical disability, learning disability, life-limiting illnesses and life-changing conditions. We make a positive difference in challenging and complex lives.

Our range of activities build self-confidence and develop skills and abilities, through individual and group sessions, team work and leadership. The therapeutic benefits of  time spent outdoors, in nature and adventure should not be under-estimated. It can motivate, improve vitality and a sense of accomplishment, aid rehabilitation and help to create treasured memories for our clients and their families.

She absolutely loved it, she was really lifted when she'd finished and felt really comfortable with Livvie [her instructor]. Thank you so much.

A parent following a 1:1 surf session for her daughter.

Find an Activity


Explore the range of activities that we may be able to offer you and your family; from hiking open moorland and wooded valleys, mountain biking twisting forest trails, climbing granite tors or taking to the water and surfing, coasteering or traversing the coast by kayak.

Horse riding, cliff climbing, gravity defying or arrow firing - find out more about the activities available and how Adventure Therapy can be there to support you and your family on its journey.


Make a Difference


We do not charge for the activities that we provide to the children and adults that we support. We receive no statutory funding and our charity is funded entirely by the generosity and kindness of the communities that we serve. Thank you for helping our work to continue.

Find out how you can help children and adults who face personal challenges every day, to spend time in the outdoors, overcoming obstacles, developing skills, improving wellbeing and creating treasured memories with their families, through new and emotive experiences.


My boy is 12 years old. He has global delay, dyspraxia and hypermobility. Due to his disabilities he is being held back from being independent. This significantly affects his confidence and dreams of being like any other kid. Daniel absolutely loves being outdoors and dreams of becoming more adventurous.

Adventure Therapy for Daniel would give him access to opportunities to help him gain skills and abilities he wouldn’t otherwise be able to work towards. As he gets older the future seems more frightening and uncertain. We want to know that he will have a positive future in front of him.


Have you ever dreamt of climbing to the snow-capped peak of a mountain or trekking through the intense heat of desert sand? Do you aspire to traversing bleak frozen lands or exploring the humidity of lush tropical rainforests.

Your personal journey into the wilderness could help to raise vital funds for our charity and support people like you, with an adventurous spirit, to take part in Adventure Therapy, too. Discover the adventurer within; and help to transform lives.

Trek to Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Finishing at the architectural masterpiece of Angkor Wat, this 5-day trek will take you into the heart of the stunning Phnom Kulen National Park.

Along the way, you will have the chance to experience the rhythm of rural life and marvel at the dazzling landscape that surrounds Siem Reap.

Expert guides will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your comfort and safety whilst also providing information about the country's turbulent past. A perfect mix of adventure, history, and culture, Trek Angkor Wat is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Tour du Mont Blanc

In this tough challenge, you will be trekking on the French, Italian and Swiss sides of the Alps, amid beautiful and raw mountain scenery.

You will be crossing some well-known Alpine passes such as the as the Grand col Ferret and col du Blame as well as reaching peaks such as Brevent and the Aiguillette du Posettes.

Walking up to 8 hours each day (possibly more) on mountainous terrain and rough paths you will be tested physically and mentally, but the backdrop of the magnificent Alps will be a huge boost throughout the trek and the chance to walk among Alpine wildlife such as Ibex, Chamois and the elusive Marmot.


Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest stands at a formidable 8,848m in the Nepalese Himalayas. Starting in Lukla, follow in the footsteps of the Sherpa on this epic high altitude trek which crosses numerous rivers, before reaching the highest point at Kalapathar (5,545m).

Wonder at the scenery below, before celebrating in mystical Kathmandu.


Trek to Machu Picchu

The feeling of walking through the Sun Gate to witness Machu Picchu for the first time will live with you forever.

The Trek to Machu Picchu follows the uncrowded Lares Valley route, surrounded by spectacular mountains, raging rivers, hot springs and remote mountain communities.

Celebrate your success with the group as you marvel at the awe-inspiring lost Incan city of Machu Picchu.


Iceland Glacier Trek

This is a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone and onto Iceland’s most extreme glacial landscapes.

Based in the highlands of Iceland, you’ll ski-trek across Langjökull glacier ice cap for five days while enjoying the stunning scenery of one of Europe’s last great wildernesses. Push through the physical and environmental obstacles while spending your nights camping on the ice under starry northern skies.



You don't have to trek to the ends of the Earth to explore, discover and support Adventure Therapy along the way. Why not join an event in the UK and hike, bike or paddle your way to your own, personal victory. From milder challenges to extreme events, we have a range of options for varying abilities.

We also have various dates throughout the year for sponsored skydives or you can arrange your own date, to mark a special birthday, event or a team building day for your employees.  

As part of your challenge, you can raise vital funds for our charity and help children and adults with disabilities, unique health conditions or limitations to take part in Adventure Therapy, too.


You're at 15,000ft, high in the sky - now experience the ultimate adrenaline rush as you get the green light for go, edge toward the door and make the jump from the plane. Freefall for around 2 miles before the canopy opens and you glide serenely back to the ground, whilst taking in the stunning scenery of the Devon countryside and coast.

Adventure Therapy is registered with SkyDive Buzz, one of the leading parachute centres in the UK, to provide tandem skydives at Dunkeswell Airfield near Honiton in Devon.


Snowdon Triple

Grab this opportunity to pit yourself against the spectacular landscape of Snowdonia National Park in this tough and exciting multi-activity challenge.

You'll summit the mighty Snowdon as well as tackling challenging biking and kayaking sections all the while surrounded by this stunning part of the UK.


Yorkshire 3 Peaks

This exciting and rewarding challenge will have you trekking over the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks within a period of just 12 hours.

These peaks form part of the Pennine range, and encircle the head of the valley of the River Ribble in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The route is extremely scenic and provides spectacular views over the Yorkshire countryside.

While it lasts just one day, this challenge should not be taken lightly as the terrain is extremely varied involving some steep ascents and descents.


I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. John Burroughs