Leave a Gift in your Will

Your Legacy is Powerful

After you have remembered those closest to you, if you are thinking of leaving a gift in your Will to support Adventure Therapy, please accept our sincere gratitude for your kindness.

Gifts in Wills are, by their very nature, one of the most powerful yet poignant gifts that you could make to Adventure Therapy. As a charity, they provide an opportunity for new developments, to purchase vital equipment and plan for the future; and they offer financial security. Vitally, they can help to enrich the lives of children, young people and adults with mental health conditions, learning disability or difficulty, physical disability, life-threatening or life-shortening illnesses and life-changing conditions.

You can be assured that your legacy, as a lasting testament to your life, will be treated legally and with the utmost respect. And by being part of our future, you will be helping others to take part in Adventure Therapy in the years ahead.

This means that you will be changing lives; enabling children and adults to spend time in the outdoors, improving emotional and physical wellbeing, interactions with others, strengthening resilience and creating special memories for families.

People ask for our support for various reasons, but always when they need help and are struggling through the complexities of life. Through your support we can continue to help young people who are unexpectedly bereaved and in emotional turmoil. For those who have suicidal thoughts or have attempted to take their own life; we provide focus and a sense of self-worth. We support people who have learning disability and are entering the workplace and need to develop communication skills, teamwork and learn appropriate ways to interact with others. We help people who are rehabilitating following illness or stroke, improving their core strength and gait. We are there to guide people and help them navigate through the most challenging of times. 

If you choose to leave a gift in your Will to Adventure Therapy, as other people have pledged, it can be of whatever size you feel comfortable with, from a set amount of money in your Will, to a percentage of your Estate; the decision is entirely yours.

We understand it can be a big decision to leave a gift in your Will and that you may wish to speak to your family, in addition to discussing the options with your solicitor or legal advisor.

Further information about leaving a legacy to support Adventure Therapy continues, below. However, for ease of reference, the main points to consider are the type of gift you wish to leave in your Will and whether it may be used for our general charitable purposes or if it has any restrictions to its use.

Our Free Will Writing service provides your Will without cost to you or to Adventure Therapy. You can complete your Will online by clicking here or arrange a home visit with Accord Legal Services.

Please let us know if we can be of any help or assistance or if you wanted to discuss the difference your gift could make, informally - 01271 865285 or email our Founder, Rob Emery, directly at rob.emery@adventuretherapy.org.uk. Rob is a legacy specialist, experienced and qualified to answer any questions you may have.


Leaving a gift in your Will can help to support our future and ensure we are there to provide our services for generations to come.



You can write your Will or have it reviewed, free of charge with the Adventure Therapy free Will-writing Service.



Find out more about some of the terms you may encounter, when writing or reviewing your Will.



As a registered charity, a legacy in your Will to Adventure Therapy could help to mitigate the tax payable from your Estate. 



For further information about making your Will or leaving a gift to change lives through adventure, please get in touch.