Our strategy

A general summary outlining our 2023 - 2024 strategy follows. It is a fluid working-document and as such ebbs and flows as we develop as a charity.

Work in Partnership

We see a strong future in continuing to work in partnership with other organisations. Our Professional Referral Partners include the NHS and Social Services. We also work in collaboration with case managers and rehabilitation therapists, schools and colleges, other charities, the police, councils and community organisations and businesses which support people with health conditions.

Our aim is to ensure we support each other and develop a better understanding and knowledge of using adventure and the outdoors as an effective form of therapy.

Research - becoming a trusted voice for outdoor therapy

To encourage and help to develop research into utilising outdoor and adventure-led activities as a form of therapy for the communities we support.

We are participating in clinical psychology research with Exeter University to conduct studies into the positive difference that Adventure Therapy makes to young people with Acquired Brain Injury, epilepsy, ADHD and autism. The results from this study will be instrumental in the further development of our programme of activities and ensure we offer the level of support required to continue changing lives through adventure.

We want to work with schools, colleges and universities, in addition to our service users, in putting this in to practice and developing our services based on this evidence-based research. We want to be both reactive and proactive and driven by results which will enable us to grow as an organisation and remain versatile and adaptable in our approach.

Efficient, cost-effective fundraising

To raise £150,000 by focusing on robust and cost-effective fundraising activities that engage and encourage our target supporters. Invest time in raising our online profile, a strong awareness of our brand within the not-for-profit and outdoor business sectors and to build a firm foundation for our profile overall, which will be instrumental in our development as a charity. As with all charities, our fundraising has been severely impacted by the cost of living crisis but we remain positive and resilient in an ever-changing fundraising landscape.

Engagement with volunteers

To increase volunteering opportunities, to help raise awareness of adventure as a form of therapy, our profile in the community and to increase our fundraising activity.

To develop and work with activity instructors who will offer their services to Adventure Therapy on a voluntary basis, acting as ambassadors for the charity, adhering to its vision and helping to deliver its mission.

Working with Patrons and Ambassadors

To engage with celebrities, clinical experts and professional adventurers who will provide gravitas by their association, knowledge and understanding of what we set out to achieve, championing our cause and helping to raise our profile and credibility by allowing their name to be associated with Adventure Therapy.

Maintaining work ethics

To invest in the professional development of staff, supporting flexible working and offering an attractive employment package to secure the most suitable employee for any given role. To maintain a high standard of work ethics and maintain an effective equal opportunities policy.