What we do

We provide outdoor and adventure-led activities to improve emotional and physical wellbeing. We are focused on a persons' ability to take part, rather than the barriers which may have prevented or made participation difficult in the past. Our experiences, which are predominantly outdoors, are used to help people face personal and physical challenges. We support people with mental health conditions, learning disability or difficulty, physical disability, life-threatening or life-shortening illnesses and life-changing conditions.

Adventure Therapy provides an opportunity to develop life skills and form friendships; and spending time in an outdoor environment helps to encourage an overall sense of wellbeing, naturally.

Whilst adventure (or wilderness) therapy can be challenging on all levels, it is fun to take part and provides a superb level of accomplishment in addition to improving vitality, resilience and fortitude.

Who we support

We support children (aged 8 and above), young people and adults, with a wide range of activities available dependent on a persons' age and ability.

We provide our services through our Professional Referral Partners, but we are flexible in our approach and accept private referrals if required and appropriate. We also signpost to other providers which may be able to assist, if we are not in a position to do so.

How we support

Following a successful referral to Adventure Therapy, our qualified instructors and support team provide a programme of 6 activities, working to improve emotional wellbeing and resilience through time spent outdoors in nature and adventure.

Our activities take place in small group settings, often as intimate as 3 - 5 participants but depending on the type of activity, can be up to 10 - 12. Group settings improve communication, teamwork and help people to form friendships. However, we can discuss the possibility of a 1:1 session if it is paramount in supporting the person referred.

We work alongside individuals and parents or guardians and any referring partner or care worker who may also attend a session to assist if required, to ensure a positive and fun experience for the participant, whilst they learn something new and exciting.

We always have a qualified and experienced instructor lead the session and in the case of larger groups, two. They are usually supported by an Adventure Therapy Project Coordinator and/or volunteers who are there to assist at the sessions and come alongside participants to support and where needed, provide mentorship.

Whilst we support children, young people and adults, we set up each session with people of a similar age, where possible. This helps friendships to be forged, particularly when meeting again during the programme.

Praise is given throughout and particularly when challenges are overcome, a new skill is learnt or one participant has encouraged or helped another.

Our core activities include kayaking, surfing and paddle boarding on water and bushcraft, archery, horse riding and climbing on land. We offer additional activities as part of our Adventure Academy and Wilderness Project, giving a total of 20 overall. Further information on our range of outdoor activities can be found on our activities page.

Our services are constantly reviewed and we adapt to the needs of our service users. Therefore, if you feel there is something which may be of benefit to you or a person you would like to refer, which is related to Adventure Therapy but is not currently provided by our charity or another provider, please let us know and we will be happy to explore the options with you.