Adventure Therapy organises adventure-led activities for children and adults with disabilities, life-limiting illnesses or life-changing conditions. Depending on circumstances and resources, funding of our activities may also extend to the parents, siblings and carers of the person who directly benefits from our support.

There are no limitations on age, provided a persons' GP, hospital or specialist confirms that our activities may be beneficial and that the individual would be in a position to take part based on their age and any limitations due to their condition. It is also vital that our associated activity provider is comfortable and satisfied that it is safe for the individual to do so.

Anyone can refer a person to us (for example, a family member, friend, health, education or social care professional) provided consent from the person (or parent or guardian if below 18) has been given for the referral to be made.

Start a new adventure by making a referral for yourself or someone you know, by completing the form below.


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