Why work with us

We understand that everyone is different.

Adventure Therapy understands that employees who are able to balance their work and home commitments effectively are happier, more engaged and productive. We are have a responsibility to provide a successful work/life balanced approach. This complements our business approach and benefits our the well-being of our employees.

The well-being of our employees is vital to our ability to operate across all functions and the organisation recognises that all individuals have a life outside of work. By enabling staff to balance work and their personal life benefits everyone – the organisation, employees and their families – this has a significant effect on employee motivation and performance.

Work, flexibly

Adventure Therapy regards flexible working as very important, both for delivering the service to children and adults and to raise the funds needed to operate effectively.


Adventure Therapy offers the following benefits to its employees:

A contributory pension scheme, with Scottish Widows

Death in Service

Working from home

Car allowance (dependent on role)

6 weeks annual leave, plus bank holidays

Participation in activities


Health & Well being

Adventure Therapy recognises that our employees are our most valuable asset and particularly as an organisation which is health-related, encouraging their health and well-being is paramount to our success. A number of processes and schemes are in place such as an opportunity to participate in some of our adventure-led activities as part of our service development, dovetailed with the well-being of our employees.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

As a charity, Adventure Therapy values diversity and believes that a varied backgrounds brings a variety of ideas, perspectives and experiences. This creates a productive work environment in which talents are fully utilised and organisational objectives are met. We provide equality of opportunity and expects the support of our employees in implementing and delivering policies to ensure that all employees are accorded equal opportunity in recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, training, pay and benefits.

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