Abseil, Dartmoor

Standing at 393 metres above sea level, the heavily weathered granite outcrop of Hound Tor rises from Dartmoor.
It is said that Hound Tor was the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes' encounter with a grim and fearful beast in the book, The Hound of the Baskervilles, that can still be seen on nights with a full moon.

Whether you’re a seasoned thrill-seeker or just looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone, this is an experience you won’t forget. With stunning views of Dartmoor from the top of Hound Tor, you’ll feel a rush of adrenaline as you step off the edge and make your way down to the ground.

This abseil isn’t just about the thrill though – it’s about giving back to those in need. By taking part in this event, you’ll be supporting a charity that makes a positive impact on the lives of children, young people and adults with disabilities. Every pound you raise will help fund our activities so we can be there to support those who need us as they face their own unique challenges, every day.

So why not join us for a morning of adventure and make a real difference. Sign up for our charity abseil and be a part of something truly special. We can’t wait to see you there!

When: Saturday 27 April 2024

Where: Hound Tor, Dartmoor (Newton Abbot TQ13 9XQ)

What 3 Words: ///cluttered.fetching.headstone

OS Grid Reference: SX742789 (opens in new window)

Abseil timings: 1000 - 1300 (later times may become available if preferred - please contact amy.weekes@adventuretherapy.org.uk for further information.

Minimum Age: 18 years

Registration: £25.00

Sponsorship target: £75.00 (in addition to your registration fee)

Online registration closes 12 April 2024

Discover more by emailing our Project Coordinator, amy.weekes@adventuretherapy.org.uk.

Terms and Conditions


I, The primary entrant (or team lead), confirm I am responsible for providing the correct and required information for all participants entered within an online entry form. By agreeing to these terms as the primary entrant, I agree to the event Terms and Conditions on behalf of all participants entered within an online entry form. The primary entrant is anyone who registers a participant other than or as well as themselves.

You confirm that you are aware and agree to photographs and video footage taken during the event may be used to publicise this event and the work of Adventure Therapy in general.

I am aware of the physical nature of this event, that it takes place outdoors in a challenging environment and I confirm I am healthy and fit enough to take part. I agree that medical advice should be sought from my GP if I am in any doubt as to my physical ability to participate in this event.

Adventure Therapy will not be held responsible for damage or loss to participant’s personal belongings, items of clothing, shoes, equipment, or vehicles.

All participants taking part in our events do so at their own risk. In no event shall Adventure Therapy be liable for any injuries, loss, or damages whatsoever, including indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential losses connected with any aspect of this event. The safety and risk assessment for this event is undertaken by Ascend Dartmoor, our qualified activity provider and as such, safety briefings, the safety of participants during the activity and ensuring the correct and appropriate technical equipment is in place and worn during the activity is the responsibility of Ascend Dartmoor and their instructor/s.

Adventure Therapy reserves the right to update their terms and conditions in relation to the event at any time or prior to the event day.

Booking Process and Payment

I agree to receive emails, mail by post and text messages which are relevant to my participation in this event, including fundraising information, key event information and health and safety advice during the event itself.

I agree that I have a legal responsibility to ensure that all sponsorship money collected in respect of my fundraising efforts is paid directly to Adventure Therapy within three months of the event day. If I am unable to take part in the event, all sponsorship money will be treated a donation, unless the person making the donation requests the return of their sponsorship, in which case individual donors must be contacted by the participant, who must then ask them to contact Adventure Therapy directly.

Adventure Therapy reserves the right to close registration when participant levels reach capacity.

Changes to the Event or Cancellation

I am aware Adventure Therapy and/or Ascend Dartmoor reserves the right to change the route to abseil off of Hound Tor (in the interests of safety, nesting birds or on direction from Dartmoor National Park Authority), the event date or time or make any other amendment to the event that they deem necessary to stage the event.  Any change to the event will be communicated to me as soon as possible. Should the event date be changed, your registration will be automatically transferred to the new date or a refund offered on request.

Adventure Therapy and/or Ascend Dartmoor reserves the right to alter the start time of my abseil. In the event of a change of start time the participant/s will be notified of the revised start time with as much notice as reasonably practicable. No refund or part refund shall be made for any change in start time for an event provided the event takes place on the specified date of the event.

Adventure Therapy and/or Ascend Dartmoor reserves the right to amend the event format, postpone or cancel the event due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control or for any safety related reason with no further liability whatsoever arising from such cancellation. In the unlikely event that Adventure Therapy has to cancel the event altogether (i.e. not postpone to a later date), all participants will be offered a refund of their registration fees and any sponsorship money received by Adventure Therapy can be refunded on the request of the sponsor.

If you are unable to participate, in extenuating circumstances, on authorisation from our Founder and Chief Executive, Adventure Therapy will refund any monies relating to your registration fee, after a deduction of a £5 admin fee. Any documentation or merchandise sent to you in relation to this event must be returned before the refund is processed.

Participant Safety Briefing

The safety of our participants, instructors, employees and volunteers is paramount. 

Any participant that acts negligently, maliciously, with wilful misconduct or otherwise without due care and attention for the event or other participants, will cause the participants removal from the event and will not be entitled to a refund. Adventure Therapy and Ascend Dartmoor reserves the right at any time to remove participants from the event based on this.

Adventure Therapy reserves the right to cancel individual registrations or refuse entry to individuals, should there be a justifiable cause.

On the day of the event you will be given a safety briefing by our lead instructor from Ascend Dartmoor. It is vital you are available for this briefing and you will not be able to take part in the event if you are not available.

You will be required to wear a helmet and will be equipped with a harness. Ensure you do not remove safety equipment until you are told it is safe to do so by the instructor.

Please wear practical clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Please bring warm clothing suitable for an active event, that you are comfortable in and that do not impinge your range of movement but are also not too loose and could therefore snag or tear. The weather can change quickly on Dartmoor and it is advisable to bring a waterproof jacket and a change of clothing and wear stout footwear. We also recommend you bring a snack and a drink, to keep hydrated.