We are pleased to announce that Daniel Northcott has joined Adventure Therapy, as one of its Trustees.

As a Law Graduate and outdoor instructor, Dan brings a range of skills and experience to Adventure Therapy, in addition to voluntarily giving up his time to support our charity.

Our founder, Rob Emery, comments "There is a distinct lack of young people acting as Trustees to a charity, with the charity commission reporting that just half a percent have board members who are between 18 and 24 years of age. Often this is because younger people aren't aware of the possibility to volunteer in this way and the positive impact they can make to an organisation in doing so."

"We were keen to engage with a young Trustee and are excited to have Dan join us. Dan's aptitude for law is advantageous to Adventure Therapy and particularly as he has recently completed his prestigious degree, bringing professional knowledge and an enthusiasm to further increase his skills. That he is also an outdoor activity instructor benefits us to an even greater extent, as his passion and experience in guiding people in adventure-led pursuits can help us to evolve as an organisation and assist in ensuring that we offer the most appropriate range of activities for our service users".



JULY 2018 - BLOG

Charlotte Underwood shares a personal  journey with Adventure Therapy of getting outside, in nature:

"With the modern world becoming urban at an extremely uncomfortable rate, it’s easy to forget that sometimes our best forms of therapy have been right in front of us all along, just like they have been for each and every one of our ancestors.

I’m talking about nature, the great outdoors and actually taking the time to go on a little adventure, be it to a different park than usual, the next town over or hundreds of miles away."


JULY 2018

We are pleased to announce that respected adventurer and television presenter Tim Treloar has accepted the position of Patron of the charity.

Tim has had experience delivering outdoor training, education and consultancy to a range of clients across the globe. He is a qualified mountain leader, cave leader and a climbing, canoeing and kayaking instructor and has used his skills on a number of high profile expeditions. He is also a trained teacher with a Masters degree and has experience training the police and military in wilderness tracking.

Rob Emery, founder of Adventure Therapy, comments “we are very grateful to Tim for offering his personal and professional support to our charity and becoming its first Patron. As a charity that focuses on adventure-led pursuits and outdoor activities, Tim’s knowledge and level of experience, in addition to his firm resolve in what we are endeavouring to achieve as a charity, is a fantastic association for us to have. We look forward to working with Tim and making a positive difference to the emotional well-being of children and adults with disabilities, unique health conditions or limitations, through outdoor and adventure therapy”.

Tim adds “Adventure Therapy sits very close to both my work and values and I am keen to support the charity through my company, TT Adventures, and personally”.


JULY 2017

Adventure Therapy is founded and registered as a charity in England and Wales.

We are inspired to make a difference to children and adults with disabilities, life-limiting illnesses or life-changing conditions through time spent in the outdoors and taking part in adventurous pursuits. To do this, our target is to raise £250,000 per year and with no government funding, this can only be done through the help and support of the local community and businesses.